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cat Names: velcro

Velcro is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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He was a tiny stray with a broken tail, living (stuck) in the top of a tree behind our workplace. We climbed up and although he tried to stay firmly connected to his tree limb (hence his name, he's a sticker!), got him down and cleaned him and saved him and he has been insane/rambunctious and lovely ever since :)
His tail is question-mark shaped, the vet says either because he is part Manx or it was broken while he was a stray

Domestic Mediumhair

I am a greeter cat; Efveryone who visits i got to meow at them to say hi, I am quite a talker meowing just to talk to my owners even if they dont understand me. I like to play ad i like to sleep. sorrry i only got one photo but its hard to catch my cute moments on camera. More will be added as they are taken.