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cat Names: vinnie

Vinnie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Norwegian Forest

Vinnie is deaf and a polydactyl, having an extra toe on each paw. He has a great personality and can be playful. He likes to be lazy, other times he won't leave you alone as he begs for attention. He likes to be spoiled yet doesn't mind being picked up. He likes to chase things but doesn't usually like making new cat friends. He likes exploring and traveling through the house in abnormal ways, such as through cupboards.

Domestic Shorthair

My mom says I am her gentle giant. She really knows how to give me good belly rubs. zzzzzz


Vinnie came to us as a stray. He was soooo cute and pitiful that, although we already had 2 cats, we had to save him. We named him Vinnie before taking him to the vet and finding out that he is actually a she. Ah well, he has learned to put up with the gender confusion!