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cat Names: violet

Violet is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Mediumhair

I was born under the house across the street. When we were about 8 weeks old Mom saw us running near the street and scooped us up and took us home. My brother and sister were adopted...but no one wanted me because I was sick so here I stayed with Mom. Look at me now!

I like to lay on my mom and if she doesn't pet me I tap her on the face with my paw. If she doesn't wake up soon enough in the morning I start knocking things off the nightstand or dresser. That gets her jumping! I'm a little dickens!

I love all my fellow resident cat - Kyle, Toby, Odie, Jellybean & Little Kitty. I like to groom every one but sometimes they are mean to me. Ask me if I really care!

I like bags and boxes - the smaller the better - drawers, closets, always has to check before she closes anything because I might be sitting in a frying pan at the back of a cupboard!

I have a good life and I'm a happy girl!


My mom got me off criag's list! She fell in love with me at first sight but as soon as she brought me home she discovered I was covered in little itchy critters, oh no!!! My first memory with her was my hour long bath with dawn dishsoap. I'm a mouse killa fo sho. I'm the sweetest kitty you'll ever meet until I catch that mouse. My momma feels bad for the mice but I just can't help torturing them:) She get's me fake mice and they're fun but real mice run. Besides hunting and annoying my momma with love I like picking on Daisy and biting her feetsies. My momma loves the heart shaped mark on my belly<3 She gives me raspberries when I show it to her and then I get excited and run around the house.