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cat Names: winter

Winter is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

My name is Winter Kitty. I live with Luci and Momma now. They saved me. I was dumped off and was living in the rafters of her garage. She found me. She was not sure about taking me in, but momma began to take care of me and worked to find me a good home. She found me in the WInter time living and scrounging to find food and survive. I was a little scared at first but she bought me a heat lamp and made me a very warm and cozy bed in her garage. And then she would come out after work and feed me and try to pet me. I decided that she was being very nice so I started to come and sit with her and let her pet me and talk to me. I really started liking my new momma. But I know she was a little scared, wondering If me and Luci would be able to get along. I know Luci was a special present and her first kitty after 11 years of her other special baby who passed on. Luci was VERY MUCH LOVED! And Luci had become very protected by her momma and she even trained her! Luci was leash trained, play fetch, took showers, and other neat stuff. My Momma tried hard to find me a loving home and after several attempts from momma's friends at the local friends of forks animals, she decided to keep me! I won their heart : ) The friends of forks animals paid to have me spayed and got me my first shots. Momma kept me in a separate bedroom all of my own until I healed. Then she slowly began introducing me to Luci. Luci and I kinda hissed at each other alot. But with time we learned to love each other.
Now it has been 8 years since Luci and I became sisters.We play and nap together. We even took a big journey together with Mom in a Uhaul truck and moved to a new home! Wow! That was a new experience! But Luci and I both had Mom by our side and she made sure we were safe for the move. Now we have been in our new home for 5 months now. We really like our new home and we have Mom's brother and sister in law next door. They love us and take care of us too now! I really like my Aunt and Uncle. They play with me and give me treats.So now we are all a family together and doing well.
I love playing with all the toys that Momma provides for us. She is so good to us. Our Mom really spoils us buying organic food and special toys. Be my friend too!


Winter is a very chunky lazy putty cat, BUT shes my very chunky lazy putty cat and i love her she looks like a tiger i am so happy i adopted her from the shelter. Ihad to get rid of 2 of my cats and i miss them one is named Diamond, and the other is Tonya. I will try to make them a section in my acount ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! : P : ) check out my friend popo