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cat Names: wolfie

Wolfie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Name: Wolfgang Lynx aka Wolfie
His nicknames include: Chubby, Beh-bee, Mr. Wolfie, Hey Mr., Mr. Grumpy, Grumpy Old Man, Fat Boy, Little Duckling
His eye color: Orange to Green
Current Harness color: Black with a blue bone tag that reads "WOLFIE"

Wolfie's breed is unknown though it is suspected he has mixed Russian Blue/Himalaya/Egyptian Maus based on coloring, patterns, and personality. He has happily known a forever home since he was eight-weeks old and adopted at the South Animal Care and Adoption Center in Brevard County, Florida in 1998. He has had many foster-brothers and sisters over the years, as his human takes to nursing the young, sick, and scared before finding them forever-homes of their own, but he usually plays the role of supervisor rather than getting involved...He was leash trained at an early age (took to it like a fish to water) and enjoys the occasional walk around the building; so long as there aren't unknown people about gawking! While more keen on eating and laying on catnip then rolling around and going crazy in it, he is known for the occasional moment of spirited running around in the middle of the night, even at his old age.

His favorite food is milk, but like all cats, it's not the best for him so he has learned moderation...and tipping over milk glasses when his head can't fit...

Most importantly, he has one human who he claims as his own and while he tolerates substitutes, nothing is ever as good as the real thing. True familiars.