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cat Names: zeke

Zeke is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Russian Blue

Meow! I'm El Zekeo but I go by Zeke. I'm a rather old Russian Blue cat. Eating and sleeping are my favorite things, but I do still work my way outside and sunbathe sometimes. (I even leave a dead mouse or two and my family's doorstep! [; ) I'm terrified of plastic bags because I was previously abused with them.
I was rescued from an SPCA in 2001 by my dad. I remember the cashier lady telling him that if I was not chosen that day, they would put me down because I was very sick. But it turns out I wasn't that sick, all I needed was good kitten food! My family saved my life from the very beginning.
In 2004, I was cat-napped by some crazy cat lady in my neighborhood. She believed all animals should be "fixed", therefore she illegally and completely wrongly "fixed" me. It was very painful, but I found my home again where my owners took me to the doctors and saved me again.
I am an outside and indoor cat, so I get injured from time to time. One time I got shot in the leg by a BB gun. I get fleas a lot too, but my family always helps me out!
I'm very loved and judging my my tummy size, very well fed.

I had a sister too, Tessa, but she died a year ago from many health issues that happened suddenly. Rest in Peace Tessa <3

I have a brother, Hexy, who is a dog. He's only a year old, but man he is HUGE. He sometimes scares me. But I also like to make him chase me because it's fun [:. we act like we don't get along in front of my owners but when they look away we're best buds.


Russian Blue

Hi my name is Zeke! My mommy named me after the band Zeke because she's crazy like that. I live with my sister Zoey and adopted brother Ochie. I haven't had a very easy time accepting Ochie. My best friend and (shhhh) boyfriend Mooshie passed away over a year ago and I still miss him so much! Ochie will never be Mooshie and I often let him know that by hissing a lot. But sometimes I let my guard down and get in some cuddle time - the little guy needs a break sometimes!

My sister looks a lot like me and people often confuse us. I have white in my coat and she doesn't. I look like my mom and she looks more like our dad - a Russian Blue kitty. My mommy hand picked me from the litter and didn't want to leave my sister behind so took her too. I'm glad because even though I don't show it much I do love my sister!

I like to hunt mice and I am VERY loud about it when I find them. I also expect praise immediately when I deliver mice or else I will become very offended - then good luck trying to touch me!