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cat Names: zero

Zero is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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My name is Zero. No, that doesn't mean that I'm not cool. It just means that I come FIRST, because I come before 1. Duh. [=
My little sister's name is Abcde (Ab-suh-dee). I know, my dad has really creative names.
Speaking about my dad, he's gay and has a very loving boyfriend.
Well...I don't know which one's my dad. They're kind of both my dad.
My little sister is brand new to me. She's about as big as my head.
I'm on the larger side...I just like food, okay?! Not a big deal. I can lose the weight anytime I want! ]=
But I am rather large in size. I'm longer and bigger than most house cats. Maybe I'm secretly a cougar!

Norwegian Forest

My name is Zero and I am 22lbs of Love! I enjoy playing chase the string, eating greenies treats, helping bathe meatball, and doing Tae Bo with mum.