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dog Breed: australian+shepherd/border+collie

Australian+shepherd/border+collie is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on

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Australian Shepherd/Border Collie

Hello! I'm Bella. I am a sweet, gentle dog. I don't jump on people, I don't bite, and I don't scratch. I am pretty sweet, but I'm also very protective of my people. I am not fond of fetch or toys, but I LOVE running with my people and dog friends. But I sadly passed away because of my age on January 27,2015. But in doggie heaven, I like watching the Hall's new puppy, Patrick, grow. You can look at Patrick on his account!

Australian Shepherd/Border Collie

I was a foster pup from Waggin Tails Ranch (Calhoun, LA), but I was quick to turn into a permanent member of the family with my charming personality and smile.I was dropped off at the Ranch near Christmas with my brothers and sisters and while dropping off some donations, Mom held me for the first time and took me straight home so that I could be with a family for the holidays. I'm a deaf pup, but that doesn't stop me or slow me down one bit! I love to smile for the camera and everyone here says I'm one of the most photogenic dogs they've ever seen.

My favorite things are playing and chewing on my toys, running around the woods, chasing rabbits (I never hurt them),
teasing my cat brothers and sisters, and getting my belly rubbed.

I also love traveling Mom and Dad to all kinds of places, riding in the truck is the best!