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dog Breed: australian+terrier

Australian+terrier is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on Do you have a Australian+terrier? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Australian Terrier

Jack is going to be 5 years old in November. He gets "cupcakes" for his birthday and this year he is super excited to be getting 5. :o) I truly believe he thinks he is a human. He loves everyone and especially enjoys getting cuddle whenever he can. He loves going to the dog park and running and jumping with other dogs, big and small. As you can see by the pics, he has been shredding toilet paper from a young age and LOVES IT! :o) His favorite holiday is Halloween because he can be a Jack-o-lantern! He always makes me laugh and is my best friend! :o) ***Hey! It's me! JACK! My mom forgot to tell you that even though my name is common she named me after Jack from the TV show Little House on the Prairie. I get teased about it some times, but I still love my mommy lots!***

Australian Terrier

Hello. I am Bella!! I am a rescue dog! My Ownwer Annamarie Was in the 2nd grade.. She walked in and sawme right away! She was like mommy i was Her!!!! Her mom looked at me and said sweetie she looks really old!! Like 11.. Anna Said i dont care i want her! They got the information on me and found out i was 3.5 and pody trained.. They got me.. And brought me to the vet in shock They find out i was only 10 months old!!!!!!! :)) Anna Got the vet picture with her in it! Now i am almost 4 and Annamarie is in the 6th Grade!! But still loves me to death!!!

harry and syd
Australian Terrier

we had a brother too, his name was truman but he passed away suddenly a few years back. we miss him sometimes. he used to always have to be with our mom, but we didn't really mind. he was a good guy. we were "my three sons" and we were all brothers. we sure did have fun. still do but sometimes we miss trumi. we put his picture on our page as well. he is the one with the red collar. I, harry, look great in blue and syd looks great in green. trumi was the man who could carry red....