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dog Breed: cane+corso

Cane+corso is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on Do you have a Cane+corso? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Cane Corso

Bella is our second rescue. She is 3 yrs old and is lovey dovey and extremely protective of our family and Mena. 130lbs and thinks that she can fit into your lap.

Maya Bean
Cane Corso

I am a gorgeous corso female pup that loves to chase my fuzzy chew toy and bugs occasionally.

Cane Corso

Corso Dog Italian Mastiff
his name is brinks is was a military Security dog we adopt him and now he is

$600 REWARD STOLEN MALE MASTIFF Last Seen on 7/10. His ears and tail have been cropped. He was wearing an electronic collar. He is Brindle colored.He is a
large dog, about 170 pounds. He is my daughter`s, Eyes and Ears,He is needed back! He... is a big part of our family,And he is Very Much Missed, He is used to his own bed, and toys, with lots of love and attention given! PLEASE help him come home If you have seen this dog, Please call 910-778-6052

Cane Corso

Lottie is the best dog I've ever had - smart, full of personality and the right balance of playful and lazy. She also has a big chunk head, droopy sweet-face eyes and a gorilla nose. She loves the dog park, milk jugs and Nana's house.

Oh, and also the severed hand we found in our mailbox on Halloween.