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dog Breed: english+cocker+spaniel

English+cocker+spaniel is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on

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English Cocker Spaniel

extreamly playfull, high energy. he is only calm after atleast 2 hour of running. cnt be left alone, gets extreamly destructive.
color is black with white star ;)
13 kg, medium sized
neutered when he was 8 mo old
adopted from horrible shelter when he was 3 mo old :)
loves all dogs.

English Cocker Spaniel

Hi my name is Kinley i am 5 weeks old. I still have brothers and sisters for sale, please give me cute points

English Cocker Spaniel

I am a Spunky Spaniel.
I love my human parents, my pomeranian sister and my cat brother.
Dislike visit to the vet and when mom and dad go to work!

English Cocker Spaniel

My name is Coleby and my Mummy and Sissy got me in 2003. In 2005 I got very sick from smelling another dogs stinky [bad me] and ended up with a blood disease my breed is known for, but my Mummy and Sissy never gave up on me [even with the odds stacked against me] and after lots of medicine, cancer shots, and blood tests I made it! Now I'm fourteen years old and still kicking. Got a little arthritis but other then that [and a few extra pounds I need to lose] I'm one happy old Pup. Miss my little Sissy though, but still gotta say I'm happy.

UPDATE: They want to do this procedre on me where I go to sleep for a while and they flush something in my lungs. Mama and Sissiy are a little upset cause it's a lot of money [and that I'm 15 and they worry about the sleep medicine] Sissy found some all natural stuff for dogs with chronis broncitis so she might try that.

English Cocker Spaniel