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dog Breed: otterhound

Otterhound is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on Do you have a Otterhound? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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The easiest damn dog there ever was to be raised. An ex-convict, freed from the hard life behind bars that she was facing at the Mojave Animal Control super maxim security prison. She was a jelly bean back then, all wrapped up in a blonde puff. Like a big golden cotton ball with brown eyes so pretty even when they're happy they could make you weep. She's still got those eye's, just as enchanting as ever, but they're wiser now. She's not a puppy anymore. She's a big girl, a momma's girl; I'm talking like way deep down, like something buried in the bones at the very center of her soul. She's the unofficial Professional Staring Contest World Champion. Her favorite food (or drink for that matter) is affection and 7 Days a Week she'll eat it up like it was being served at the All-You-Can-Eat buffet at dinner time on Thanksgiving Day. She's not a certified therapy dog but we think she probably missed her calling. She's a retired escape artist, a serial "Bread Bandit," and even though she's a patient and gentle senior citizen now, you better believe she doesn't tolerate any nonsense. She's a Shepherd and she's all about things being orderly. Don't mistake her kindness for weakness. :)


When we found Wookie we had no intention of getting a new dog, my last dog had just died and I didn't think I was ready yet. But when we saw he and his litter-mates playing in their front yard while on a walk, there was no leaving this little guy behind.