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dog Breed: shitzu

Shitzu is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on Do you have a Shitzu? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I was adopted the last of my litter. But I sure got lucky, my mommy is my pami. We are best friends. We like to cuddle and play. I mad brown and white with a cute husky build. Right now I live with my Pami's grandaughter meghan and my litter mate my best friend jasmine. And also our kitty Fizzgig.


I am an adorable black and white shitzu. When my mommy died in 2009 her daughter my momma sister rescued me. I am now happily living with her and her grandma my pami. I love to be with my litter,ate sister Sadie watching my mommys baby Fizzgig. I really just love to play play play all day long.


'Ello! my name is Teddy Bear Wiggins. I'm a British dog. I was rescued by my owner from the Nashville Pet Rescue Center. I was not so happy then but now I'm VERY happy with my Mummy...she spoils me rotten!
I love the Spa Days Mummy gives me in the tubby-tub. My Mummy bakes me special dog treats just for me too! My favorite is the banana cake she made at my birthday party and it was brilliant! (Which was wonderful and fun by the way!) I'm not much of a running type of dog, but when I go outside Mummy gives me my very own chair! But anyway, my family is pretty crazy. My brother cat (Baby Bunny Boo Boo) is just wild and CRAZY! (He is still in the "terrible-twos.") But my sisters, Coco and Gracie, aren't to bad. I live in a nice house that is cool in the summer and nice and toasty in the winter. It's in the country so I can play all I want outside but I prefer to be inside with my doggie beds and my squeaky toys.
Do you want to hear my favorite things? Well I love going to my hair dresser because she loves me, I love her so that's that. I also get to play with my friends there! I also love to walk through the park and watch the duckies swim by too. This one time me and Mummy did a photo-shoot in the park and it was so hot so I went to my Great Grandmummy to take a rest, and visit of course. That was pretty lovely. I also love to be treated like a king by everyone too! Okay, enough about me and my life, I think.
Love you, Mummy and friends!

Love, Teddy Bear Wiggins: the British dog


I'm a rescue dog who know lives a life with my beautiful Gay Daddy - I am a blessed girl for getting this second chance in life.