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dog Breed: yello+labrador+retriever

Yello+labrador+retriever is the number 100+ most popular dog breed on

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Yello Labrador Retriever

I was a rescue dog from the Humane Society. I was supposed to grow up with my mom's brother, but he wasn't able to keep me after his living situation changed, so I moved to country life with mom... boy is it soooo much funner than the city! My sister Talia and I run all over the place, but we know where the boundary is and are very careful not to cross that line! I love to give doggie kisses and hugs. but I am so clumsy I often knock people over with my enthusiasm.

Beasley Rose
Yello Labrador Retriever

Hello my name is Beasley and I am 6 years old. I like to play ball and go for long walks with, or without my owners. I have a crush on another dog up the street and his name is Hunter. He is a Black Lab. I am fixed and cannot have any more kids. I love my owners and everybody but I like my space and also my unconditional love, please!! I would like to keep going on about my sself, but my owners are calling and I have to obey!!