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dog Names: *rip*+rookie

*Rip*+rookie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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*RIP* Rookie
German Shepherd

Everybody calls me Rookie and would love for you too also. My Parents call me their "Miracle Dog". Not only have I been instrumental in protecting the family and loving the kids, 6 years ago, I was Diagnosed with "Mega Esophagus". This is a disease in which larger breed dogs are predisposed. It effects my throat and causes it to stretch to about 10" in Diameter when it should be 1". Then, since my throat is so heavy it pushes down on my heart and lungs so it makes it difficult for me to breathe and very easy for me to catch pneumonia. Also, when I eat, my food stays in my throat and does not get to my stomach and I spit it back up. The Dr's only gave me 3 months to live, but my parents and I were very determined. They work very hard to make sure I get enough food by elevating me when I eat, and having me sleep on a pillow. They also make my food into meatballs so I can get it to my stomach and then massage my throat to make sure it gets there. I drink a case of ensure every week and I am picky and only drink Kroger Brand. I am extremely easy going and I absolutely Love Kids. I may be getting older, but I still love to run around and play with my human children and all the other children in the Neighborhood. I tolerate Griffyn, he is a little too fast for me to keep up with now, but I am very co-dependent on Tory. When I was younger, my Dad took me through Police Dog Training. I stayed at home in the country and guarded my Mom and my human children. I was responsible for saving my human sister - Deidra several times. I love to do obstacle courses, swim, and climb trees. I also love to travel with my Family - especially in the RV.