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dog Names: archie

Archie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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RIP Sweet Boy...Miss you so much!!

My name is Archie, I am Humphreys older (and wiser) big brother. Since Humph decided to tell you all a little about me, I decided I better be keeping an eye on him BOL. Yes it's true I was selected to play the role of Seaman in the US Army's Spirit of America and I was given a framed medal for all my hard work, but trust me I had a very small part compared to my hero's who did all the really spectacular stuff. My photo is from the show. I am a proud supporter of ALL our troops and their families who sacrifice ALL for our freedom!
I am also a HUGE supporter of animal rescue! I myself am a rescue dog. If it weren't for the good people who open their hearts and homes to animals I most certainly would not have made it! I was once a wandering stray, now I'm king of the hill...I tell everyone to do their homework before purchasing a puppy such as Humphrey, cause as cute as they are when they are little, they grow up to be eating, pooping, slobbering, shedding machines!!! And that's just us Newfies!!! Thank doG my family adores everything about us...
I'll try to give this a shot. I don't have nearly as much time as Humphrey and I know he trys to welcome everyone and give them all points etc. I'll try to keep up...


Archie is a stinky, fluffy, lovable, troublesome, naughty, energetic Schnauzer.

Miniature Pinscher

Rescued off of a freeway median in 5PM Traffic last summer. Our sweet Archieman is very old and has a lot of medical issues and he has been a very expensive rescue. We like to call him the Million Dollar Dog. He is a wonderful boy and has a way of making us giggle at least once a day. Our large pet family wouldn't be complete without him. He recently won a Natura Pet Bed through a Facebook Contest! He has come a long way from the freeway to facebook WINNER!