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dog Names: athena+simone

Athena+simone is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Athena Simone
Doberman Pinscher

This gorgeous lady was turned in to the pound by someone who said she was a stray. We went to the pound to find a "sibling" for our other pound puppy (well, he's really a Pound Poodle)!!! He seemed like he needed someone around who actually spoke his language, so we knew we had to go find a suitable sister or brother! We walked the cages and I saw what at first seemed an empty cage. But as I peered into the darkness, I could make out a pair of almond-shaped, glistening eyes, and the outline of a black dog. I looked at the info sheet and when I saw it was a Dobie who had been there for a long time, I knew we had to meet her. Upon meeting her and seeing how sweet and gorgeous she was, and how she knew how to sit, we figured she was The One! After spending nearly three weeks at a high kill pound, beautiful Athena Simone was SAVED!!!!!