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dog Names: baby+girl

Baby+girl is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Baby+girl? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Baby Girl

Baby Girl is 2.5lb Chihuahua. She is definitely the baby girl of our family.

Baby girl

2 yr old chibeagle tan with green eyes also answers to kitty kitty lol she looks chinaware her sister looks beagle

baby girl

I was born Nov 11th 2000, My human mom had to bring me home when i was 5 weeks old cause my real mom got beat up by a big dog and had to go to hospital for a week. So my mom has spolied me like crazy. I usally get what i want if im good, so i try real hard to be good. I bark at the mail lady eveyday for some reason i just dont like her red jeep, I think it to loud,and I dont like the federal epress or ups trucks either. They just make to much noise, so i join in with them and bark like crazy tell there gone. My brother and i like to go for rides and walks, Harley dont like to walk to much after a few mins. he starts to jump on mom to pick him up, but not me I love to walk and smell evey thing and smell the air, oh man and run, my dad taught me when I was little to run with him. He says showdog and I take off running right alog side of him with my fur and ears all flowing behind me, man I just love to do that. Other than running with dad and taking walks I stay in the house just relaxing.