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dog Names: bailey+james

Bailey+james is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Bailey James
Boston Terrier

"Bailey James", aka Boo, Bailiff, is the second BT that the Rosenquist's have owned. His predecesor "Smokin' Bandit" departed the family while away on the trip, and Bailey has been the goofy, funny, kind hearted, friendly, loveable dog to take his place. He is now joined by his niece, "Lady Dixie Bella", aka. Portabella. Bailey's hobbies include sleeping, eating, chasing lasers!, eating, playing/tearing up stuffed animals making loud breathing noises. He is known for being one of the loudest snorers ever! His dailey breathing sounds like a pig! Lasers are his enemy, he wants to destroy them!