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dog Names: beauregard

Beauregard is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Beauregard? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I was born in Phoenix, AZ and about the time I was ready for my forever mistress was looking for a small Yorkie-Poo. The breeder told her on the phone my daddy was a poodle and my mom a yorkie....and that I would probably be about 8 or 9 pounds. What she neglected to tell her was that my dad was a Miniature Poodle.....but my mistress figured it out after I passed the 15 pounds mark. I now weigh 20+ and still fit quite nicely in my mistress' lap! ;* ))

I love walking and stopping at every bush, tree, lamp post, and spot on the sidewalk. My mistress says I'm a teddy bear on a leash to those that ask what breed I am. We go for lots of car rides and I'm a regular Red Baron with my face into the wind and ears flapping in the heavy breeze. Oh and I LOVE swimming....and taking baths!!

We truly think someone in AZ coined the phrase " day afternoon". Because during the summers here it's too hot to do anything except lay down under the ceiling fan.

My mistress isn't down on men or anything.....but I am her Beau!! Thanks for checking me out!