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dog Names: bella+mia

Bella+mia is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Bella Mia
Australian Shepherd

Bella was found at a shelter.....she was 9 months when we rescued each other and she had been there for months. her previous owners surrended her cuz they said she was too hyper (a puppy hyper....noooooo) she has been a joy to have in my life and never once would i classify her as hyper. she is the gentlest, most prim and proper dog much so she has been nicknamed "the queen". she is a natural mother it doesn't matter what the animal is she wants to mother it. the only time she gets out of her prim and proper mode is when she plays with her little sister (a 1 1/2 old black lab) then she is a force to be rekoned with....she loves to play fight with her. all in all she is a great dog with a big heart!!!