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dog Names: bender

Bender is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Bender? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Border Collie

Hey! I'm Bender, baby!

I'm almost two years old. I was born in Northern Alberta, in Canada, underneath the floorboards of an abandoned condominium with my brothers and sisters. My mom went out one day to get us some food and never came back, so my litter-mates taught me the way of life until a fortunate day when a rescue group came and saved us!

I admit, I was really scared and upset for a few months. Not to mention very ill, as I have a really bad allergy to poultry and I was fed nothing but chicken. One day I met a wonderful lady who would take me for walks and buy me toys. Who knew this would be my future mom!

She introduced me to her pack and took me back to her den. I live with a total of three humans and two kitties who do nothing but sunbathe all day. Regardless, I love my new life. I eat the best food I've ever tasted, Natural Balance Sweet Potatoe and Bison, and mom brings me all the toys and nutritious treats money can buy. We go for a lot of walks together around our quiet neighbourhood, and I just started going off-leash. Mom has a lot of friends that come over with their puppies, and we play together in the big back yard. I couldn't ask for much more, my life is complete! I hear I will be getting a sister soon. I don't know what that is, but it sounds delicious.

I'm still really frightened of trying new things, and meeting new people or new puppies. Mom always supports and encourages me though, so my confidence is definitely improving! I have learned so many tricks, everyone is always impressed with how smart I am! It's nice to have so many people proud of you for being a good pup! I just do it for the treats though, but don't tell anyone I said that.

Overall I am pretty relaxed and calm for a Border Aussie, which my mom likes because she doesn't want me to create havoc in the den. I enjoy herding all of my pack-mates into the same room, and together we watch the bunnies out in the field. Sometimes there is a kitty running around and chasing the bunnies, which I don't really like at all so I bark and growl until he leaves my bunnies alone.

At the end of the day I snuggle up in my warm bed beside mom's door, until she wakes up and plays with me before work. I wish she didn't have to work so much, but at least she brings me treats every day when me and dad go to pick her up.

Wanna be friends?!

- Bender Bending Rodriguez