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dog Names: bianca

Bianca is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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hi i am bianca and i live with a sister,a brother,2 goldfish,2 cats, and a mom and family loves me very much.they give me a lot of bones and lots of love and and my sister play sister is a human but has a big fav. toy is my tire toy which is now in the garbage because i put a big tear in it.daisy is a funny cat to live with and bella is lazy.i am just happy to have a loving and caring family.i am roomates are nala,bella, and daisy


Bianca is the Ultimate caregiving nurturing Mama dog who takes care of all of the people and pets. She was born to love and care for the world. She was a devoted companion for her ailing human grandma to the death literally, not leaving her side so much as to eat, drink or tinkle. She always puts herself last and cleans everyones ears, eyes etc. if needed, whether it is appreciated or not. If she can't be with you every second she is desperately sad and stressed about who will take care of you.