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dog Names: bluboy

Bluboy is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Hi this is Bluboy I am a genuine registered Purebred Pug. I live with my Mom China, my sister Libby also my big brothers Rowdy and Butch but those two are dads guard dogs for bears and cougars. Rowdy baby-sits me sometimes cause dad knows he won’t let anything get me. My mom and sister and I get to sleep inside because bears, cougars and coyotes roam through our property. My dad and I work all over the ranch so I don’t get much swimming time cause he needs my help. I did learn to swim this summer so now I get to play in the deep part of the pond with Rowdy. We have turtles and frogs in our pond but I haven’t been able to catch one yet. Oh just so you know I am a Thunderdome Veteran contestant that was a lot of pressure but it was fun. I left CAH for awhile cause dad and I had way too much work to do. Anyway hope to make new friends and hang out with old friends. My good friends are Joy, Kacie, Boo-Boo, Rocky, Snoops, but it’s been so long don’t feel bad if I left you out….