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dog Names: boots

Boots is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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My name is Boots!! I am the baby of the Goff family, but everyone is afraid of me!! I may be tiny, but I don't take any crap!!!! I love to rub my belly on carpeting or mom calls me G.I. Joe!!!!!


Boots was rescued from the Chautauqua County SPCA in Jamestown, NY. He was going to be a "foster" dog only. That was 10 years ago. ;-)
Although tentative to trust people and aggressive to other dogs when we first got him, we realized that he had been abused by a prior owner. With lots of TLC, he became a part of our pack. Boots is our "big boy"--way above the Peke weight standards, but we love every inch of him. He lives for his twice-daily walks--well, the after work one he likes better than the 6:30 am version--as he would rather sleep in! His idea of a perfect day would be a long walk at the park, and then quality time with his favorite people. Boots hates getting wet, but loves getting brushed. He does not like little kids (especially if they run!), fireworks and anyone touching his feet--don't even think of trimming his nails! Boots is also terrified of thunderstorms and always wakes Mommy first to comfort him. If napping was an Olympic sport, Boots would get a gold medal everytime. The more tired he is, the more his tongue will hang out of his mouth when he is sleeping.