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dog Names: bruce+alcala

Bruce+alcala is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Bruce alcala
American Pit Bull Terrier

Hello internet world, my name is Bruce! I live in Los Angeles with my Favorite people in the world, my mommy Vanessa and my Daddy Robert. They rescued me from a crack head when i was 2 months and my life could not be any better. My favorite toys are orange rubber balls and teddy bears with a ball shaped head. I LOVE those! I also love to chew on my mommy's high heels but she hides those from me now :( I love going on long walks with my mommy. And i love it when my daddy surprises me by taking me to the park. He throws my favorite ball and i could never get tried of chasing it. My daddy is my best pal, that's why i love him. My favorite things to do are playing with my chew toys, playing hide and seek, going to the park, and loving my parents by giving them a lot of kisses any chance i get.