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dog Names: buddyboy+/drew

Buddyboy+/drew is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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BuddyBoy /Drew

When I first met BuddyBoy, his name was Andy and he was living with his brother, Opie, whom he shared a cage with at the Francis Willis SPCA where I was working at the time. They both were very shy, but Opie was a little bit more outgoing. I knew immediately that they had been abused and I spent a lot of time working with both of them to help them trust people. After a couple of months, Opie was adopted by a loving family and Andy was left behind. A few more months went by and I knew there wasn't much time left for him, so I convinced my parents to let me take him home because I loved him too much already. That was March of 2004, and he has been the sweetest dog we could ask for ever since. A lot of things still scare him, but he is willing to meet new strangers now, and has become my dad's best friend and side kick. He follows him around everywhere! He loves to patrol our backyard like he's king, sleep under my dad's bed, and gives lots of kisses, he's even very sweet around children. We call him BuddyBoy and/or Drew because when we brought him home, we had another dog at the time that was named Brandy and it was confusing to keep the name Andy.