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dog Names: bustrain

Bustrain is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Bustrain was given to me in 2005, he was not being treated nicely from his past owners. I have work hard to get Bustrain to trust, and believe that I won't hurt him. I believe he has had his jaw hurt badly on his left, side his little teeth are messed up or missing and the entire jaw is crooked. and that causes his tongue to hang all the way out, he has no feeling in his tongue from 1/2 way down to his tip. When he drinks he licks from the middle. I have told him often that his tongue has just made him that much more handsom. He now knows he is pretty good-looking. He now has a little brother Rufus B. Ganster in his life, Rufus thinks Bustrain is the King! Where ever you see Bustrain you'll find his little brother not far behind. Bustrain now is a very loving dog and he also is loved very much.