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dog Names: buttercup

Buttercup is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Hi my name is Buttercup Lepley. I am 7 years old, and i enjoy going outside to chase shadows from the sun. I love my family very much. Sometimes i can get snappy but i am a lovable dog at times. I am a terrier mix.


Buttercup is full of love and sweetness! She loves to play dress up (sweaters, dresses, sundress, tanks) it doesn't matter. She gets so excited when Mommy brings home a new outfit. She gives lots of licks, her favorite past time other than watching the wild life in her big back yard. She was in Dog Fancy under "Two Words" section February 2009, her big debut in print! Mommy and Daddy...very proud of their little girl :) HAPPY SUMMER EVERYBODY :)