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dog Names: cejaye

Cejaye is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Cejaye? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Toy Poodle

CeJaye was an aggressive Toy Poodle who my grandma got from a breeder for me and my sister. The breeder was a reputable one and had even said he was a food guarder but that didn't turn my grandma off getting him even though no one ever worked out the problem with him. He would guard his food and anything he stole and he stole a lot of things. He would bite if someone tried to take something away from him. Every once in a while he would give back something he stole in exchange for a treat but it would take two people to do this because if he saw someone going for the thing he would run back and attack. CeJaye never chewed up his own toys or anything he took but when he took any of my big stuffed animals which he would drag out of my room, he would pee on them. He was smart and learned quick but teaching him tricks and playing fetch with him were the only things he would always let me do. Some things such as not being able to pet him whenever I wanted was my fault. He also would bite me if I tried to put a leash on him. Once I got bit for telling him he was good. It's pretty safe to say that I spent most of my time avoiding him or trying to have fun with him although my idea of fun wasn't his. I took him up to the attic once and forgot about him when I went down and he became scared of heights. Early in his life he used to get carsick but after a few years he got over this although car rides, except for really long ones, really stressed him out. The long ones used to happen every year when the whole family would go to Illinois for a family reunion. This included CeJaye although becasue of his aggression we always had to leave him behind at the house we were staying at. Throughout his life he did bond closely with a few strangers but due to lack of socialization as a pup most were enemies to him and it was the same with animals. He made good friends with one of my friends once and even jumped in her mom's car with her, ready to go. He might have gotten away with it if he hadn't stood on the back seat growling at my friends mom. A few times CeJaye went to Tennessee with us for various reasons. He met his first cat there and got his first cat scratch and became terrified of cats. Later in his life he made friends with a squirrell and even later there was a female dog that he actually liked and cried when he didn't see her. The dog was up for adoption but at this time I already owned Taco. Taco and CeJaye didn't like each other at first and kept their distance from each other. Sometimes Taco would bug CeJaye by stealing treats from him but CeJaye did it to Taco sometimes as well. When CeJaye got old and almost blind Taco would run right in front of him a lot which is something he didn't do for the first two or three years that we had him. When I first brought Taco home and CeJaye realized he was staying I couldn't get him to even look at me for a week, not that I cared I had Taco now. What brought CeJaye and Taco together was a fear of flies. They would hide out together on the couch when there was a fly around. Eventually CeJaye came to accept Taco although would not allow Taco to touch him at all, not that it stopped Taco which is kind of how Taco and Chibi are right now. When CeJaye died in October 2011 Taco really missed him. CeJaye is part of several stories. The first one is my comic book: Spider and Jackal, after that he is a Doberman in my story: The Dog and the Rabbit, next his photo appears in a few places in: Animals in the Shelters, and his life story is going to be in the book: My Pets and Their Lives.