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dog Names: champs

Champs is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Hi My name is Champs. but my Mommy called me Champy-doodle.
I live with my friend Manny and 3 cats. (Bella,Luna, and Kennedy) I like chasing squirrels and sleeping under Mommy heating blanket. I spend a lot of time chasing Luna out side. She's one crazy cat. I came across my Mommy when I was just a few weeks old. I was sad because I had lost my home and Mommy found me outside by the road. She picked me up and posted pictures all over town to see if she could find my other Mommy but No one ever called. So after being sad for a few days, She made me happy and I had a new home and friends and it was nice to have a warm bed. Now I'm a strong healthy pup with great friends. My hobbies include taking the stuffing out of the pillows and laying on my back. Taking long walks and discovering new things outside. I also like to hide my toys outside, I bury them in the backyard when no one is around. (Don't tell Manny), I love to stretch and get treats for no reason.