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dog Names: chaos

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Basset Hound

Some of you might be wondering how I got my name. I'll try to keep it short. My momma used to manage a motel and lived in a apartment on sight. The owner she worked for lost the motel because he was taking care of medical bills for his sick dad. When the man took the property back from my momma's boss he didn't need my mom to work there any more but she could not afford to move off property and stayed there for almost a year. Just before she left, I showed up on property (at about 9 months old) and no one would take me, the shelters were all full and so was the pound and said they would have to put me down cause even foster homes were maxed out. So the owner went to my grandma and asked if they could watch me for a week till arrangements could be made to house me somewheres. My grandma said yes.
When my momma got home she was not happy and told everyone not to name me cause they were not going to keep me. She would not even pet me! She worked for an NBA team and sports and entertaianment company and was always super busy so I did not see her often, but when I did, she almost acted like I was not there.
On day 3, she came home about 1:30 in the morning after a NBA play-off game and was exhausted. I was so excited to see her, after she had been gone for 14 straight hours, I woke up the whole house! She plopped down in a chair and screamed "This is Chaos!!!!" Her mom (my grandma) laughed and said "I thought we weren't going to name him?" My momma threw up her hands and yelled "Great! Now we have to keep him!!" and since then, it's been a never ending love!! It took me only 3 days to learn my name completely and am much better than the chaotic stray pup I was when they took me in.