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dog Names: chaz

Chaz is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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My brother Sebastian and I were tossed out of a car when we were just 5 months old. Luckily, someone saw us when we got "ditched", but we were too scared to be rescued. I'm glad they were persistant. It took a few days for me to be caught, and even longer for them to find Sebastian. We ended up at the Houston Collie Rescue, but were separated, and adopted by different families. I missed my brother, and from the sound of it, Sebastian was pretty lonely as an only child too! When my first home didn't work out so good for me, the family that adopted Sebastian brought me home too. You've never seen two happier brothers to be together! There's nothing better than family, especially when it's a family I can call my own :=) We LOVE our new home (Yes.. we can call it home... we've lived here for 2 years now!) and couldn't imagine being a part of any other family. We even put out the "mi casa es su casa" sign when our cousin Chomper comes to visit. We're just waiting for him to get through puberty.. he's a tad rambunctious still. But we're sure he'll grow up soon enough! (we're hoping, anyway..) Lucky for him, he's cute. Lots is forgiven, when you've got "the cutes" going for you! Speaking of cute.. check out the newest member of our family... Callie the kitten! Mom got her for Mother's Day (from her human son!)... and we just think she's a tiny one of us!