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dog Names: clover

Clover is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Sassy lil thang...lot's a attitude to pull this dress off

American Pit Bull Terrier

2/23/10- Operation slumber party was a success. I am home and resting, I have been having to go outside lots, but mom says that is a good thing- THANK YOU everyone for the kind words and prayers. Peace and Love all- I need snuzzle time with mommy and pig- Booowooof - I will come play tomorrow!

2/22/10- I am having a slumber party with Dr. TImpone-

I ingested part of my rope toy, but I am going to be ok- the Doctor's are optomistic that it will pass on its own- (Most of it came out my mouth Sunday night.) My mom and dad will know more in the morning- thank you everyone for your kind words,

My mom and dad rescued me when I was only 4 1/2 weeks old. I love to go on runs and walk with my mom and going for rides with my dad. I like the beach alot, I LOVE to dig..thanks to my mom she taught me..(my mom says she regrets that..hmm not sure why). I love chewing on branches and playing ball, but I don't bring the ball back yet. Everyone is always wondering what mix I am, sometimes I look like an APBT, such a lover!!! sometimes a hound dog...I point and track...and sometimes a lab, the clown comes right mom says she would love me no matter what kind of dog I am- she thinks I am very handsome. my brother is french....

Clover - aka Puss, pussenstein, pussel- is a love, Some things I learned about the Puss in the last 7--8 months... He is a good boy- eager to learn-he loves humans, can't get enough of them...great with other dogs, loves to go on his play dates. Puss will entertain himslef for HOURS if he has too. He doesnt quite understand why boulders are so heavy and cant pick them up in his lil pup mouth. He loves his big brother piglet (dozer) but still not sure about the furry little things running about the house, He loves being outdoors, preferes them to the inside, doesnt mind the rain, heat does not bother him...and ooohhhh boy- Loves the snow!!! He is our little SNOW PUSS!