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dog Names: clyde

Clyde is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Clyde? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hello I'm Clyde and I just love to cuddle up in my cozy bed!


We got Clyde at 4 months old, hee is, cheeky, funny and clever.

Border Collie

Sup, all of you cute animals out there! My real name is Stake's Dusk Blu Clyde but my momma just says Clyde. I am a worker dog as well as a lovable family pet. I get along well with others and I hope I can make more friends on I have a big heart and never hurt a fly. I don't consider my momma as my owner, but as my partner. We work on a lot of things together and I am proud to have a partner like her. I work well on sheep, but better on cows. I like to hide my family's belongings all the time. I have many brothers and sisters. Some of the are pictured. They are hard to tell apart from me. Here's a few of their names: Stake's Perfect Plan, Stake's Turquiose Keith, Aurora Blue, Stake's IndigoBlu, Stake's KibblyKip, Stake's Johanna Blue, Stake's Ebony&Ivory, and Stake's Riley Blue

My cousin, Raine, is named after my mother. And my best buddy, Breeze, is bigger than me, but we get along well. After all, he is a golden retriever. And Leonardo, he is kinda more buddies with the horses.


Just like my Shelby, Clyde was a loved, spoiled and amazing boy. He went to the Rainbow Bridge February 13, 2007. He had cancer and we actually had him for 2 years (he was 11 or 12 when he passed). We adopted him from my brother-in-law. He didn't even know how to climb stairs, but he learned and just like all our pets, he was a couch hog :) We miss him terribly. Keep the comments coming because he was a very handsome and extremely loving boy!! He would howl at the firetruck. We miss that too.