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dog Names: conan

Conan is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Conan? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Old English Bulldog
English Bulldog

HEY! I'm Conan. POINT! ....I spend most of my days sleeping, chewing on my toys, being annoyed by this new Boxer puppy named Dooley and snoring. Sometimes, I sneeze in my mom's friend's faces.

The doctor says I'm very healthy. He also said I am NOT FAT I'm all muscle! I had to have a "nose job" because my breed has trouble breathing, and the operation helps me breathe a little better. Too bad I still snore like a wild boar. I also have very itchy and sensitive skin. Antibiotics helped but made me go to the bathroom inside. My mom gives me Aveeno baths and rubs lotion on me but I still bite myself in itchy pain! If anyone else has a son/daughter just like me, do you know of anything that helps? I heard this is common in my breed!

Instead of wagging my tail, I shakes his entire rump! I'm a pretty good dancer. When my mom throws a toy at the bottome of the stairs, I bolts down them and run into the front door. It doesn't hurt though. I'm very easy-going and never bark unless Dooley does. Everytime I go into Petsmart, I meet a ton of new friends! SQUIRELL! They just can't seem to keep their eyes off my handsome mug! :D

** AND AS FOR DOGS WEARING CLOTHES - "Dogs come from wolves. Did you ever saw a wolf wearing high heels? If the answer is "no" (I don't think I even need to ask that!) then, there you go, your dog doesn't need clothing items. I'm not TOTALLY against it though. Breeds with very short fur in very cold climates can wear a "dog-coat". But people who go too far piss me off. Another (un)original way of spoiling the crap out of the rat."