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dog Names: custer

Custer is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Custer? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Australian Cattle

We found 6 month old Custer, a Cattle Dog mix scared & hiding in the corner of a kennel in the Black Hills Humane Society in Rapid City, SD - two years ago while on vacation touring the Hills on our motorcycles. In the visitation room, Custer ran to my husband, sat on his foot & looked up at John (he did with me also when I called him) it was that moment we knew had to come home with us. Two days later we arrived back at the shelter to take him home in a kennel firmly strapped to the back seat/trunk of my Road Glide. The 17 lb. pup fit well & we were off on his first ride with a stop in Sturgis (post rally) for a walk & a bath at a water faucet on Main Street (we did not want to sleep in a small tent with a stinky dog). We jumped back on the bikes to reach our campsite in Miller, SD, a few hours later. At dawn the next morning we were awoke to Custer pouncing on each of us ready to play inside the tent; looked like he was happily settled in with his new family & that was he way of telling us. On our way home we stopped at a farm store where he was allowed inside to pick out toys. Custer liked riding in the kennel on my back seat, especially when we only zipped it up to his neck so he could pop his head out the top to watch John or go inside to play with his new toys. He was a site going through towns with his head popped out the top of his crate on the bike. We made it home safely; Custer adjusted easily to his new farm home in Northern Minnesota & ended up being a true character to our family.
Now at 3 years old & understanding how smart this dog is; we have him performing over 35 + tricks at birthday parties & local events (see his own Facebook page under Custer Mastin). It is unbelievable how easily he learns new tricks; you can see him watching you, trying to figure out what you are telling him. A few of his best tricks are catching a Frisbee in the air & returning it hooked on your foot, get a root-beer out of a cooler, play floor hockey, walk thru legs, jump trough a hoop, in your arms or on your back + much more. One of his favorite tricks is riding or leading his favorite horse Kasanova. As you can see (his expression says it all) Custer is a happily rescued dog & a true love for all of us!