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dog Names: dachs

Dachs is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Siberian Husky

Dachs was our first pet. She got her name because we WERE going to get a dachshund. She was a good dog, although quite the escape artist. I don't think she was ever caught the same way twice. One time my husband and thought we had her 'cornered' across the street from where we lived. The area was surrounded by bushes. I was on one side, my husband was on another, and Dachs was on a third. She decided to go straight across the 'blue floor'. The look on her face when she hit the water said it all. That's right. She landed right to the pool! She swam to the side where I was. She had given up (for that time). I was laughing too hard to be upset at her after that.

She was quite a mother. She only ad one litter, but she decided to 'adopt' others; namely our CAT'S kittens. They had quite a few 'arguments' about whose babies they were. The kitten usually suffered because of it. She did adopt one of her own. I had found it outside our home, a young kitten, too young to be without his mother. Dachs let this kitten nurse. It was the cutest thing! We named the kitten 'Dachson' , short for 'Dachs' son'.

Dachs died in 1993. I would say it was 'in her sleep', but we really don't know. She did die in OUR sleep though. I guess she can show our other dog Trooper 'the ropes' over the bridge.

That's out oldest son with her. It was Christmas day. he tried to duplicate the pictures with our next dog. Whet I didn't tell him was that while I took the picture with the one hand, I was rubbing her belly with the other. Hubby put the comment on it. If you can't read it, it says 'Every dog needs a stuffed boy pillow' She was a good 'second mother' to our children as well, although she didn't 'argue' with who would take care of them.