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dog Names: dallas+cowgirl

Dallas+cowgirl is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Dallas Cowgirl
Labrador Retriever

Dallas's Story:
Dallas was a dog no one wanted for she was to active, always running wildly through the house and chewing anything in site. I seen her one day in my neighbors house in a cage and asked what was wrong with her "She's to wild so she stays there most of the day. We're thinking of giving her up so" "I want her!" and it was settled. She came into my house and I could feel she was scared. This was a dog who had to move from house to house because no one wanted her. I was determined to show her that I wasn't like that and I tackled her down playing with her and giving her lots of hugs. She ran in circles around me then plopped onto my lap wagging her tail. She made me laugh and I gave her a kiss on the nose "Don't worry Dallas you won't be alone anymore. You have me now." Ever since then me and her have been best friends.
I am Dallas, I run through the house all day knocking over my cat siblings and eating everything in sight. My favorite word is outside, I get quite excited even if I hear it just in a sentence. I like playing tug of war, nibbling on pants and running circles outside. When I was younger when I had to go to the bathroom I use to headbutt the backyard door soon enough my Mommy put a bell on the door and I now swing it back and forth when I need to be let out. I love making friends so let's be best buds!