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dog Names: denali

Denali is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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American Eskimo Dog

My momma just noticed there is nothing about me on my page....she needs to listen to me more. BOL!!
My full name is: Peyton's Yukon Denali
Well, there is no extrodinary center to my story. My momma bought me in Heber Utah at about 8 weeks old after she saw an ad in a nickle advertisement. She was not really looking for a new dog cause she had put down her black lab, Pax, just a couple months before. But there was an internet page with pictures and she looked it up and just had to have me. She and her boss made the 2 hour trip to see me and my other litter mates (8 of us) and PICKED ME!! I got sick and threw up in her lap on the way home.

Likes: Snow, walks, going for short rides in the car, swimming, eating, sleeping, cuddling with my momma, grandma and boy, the way I look after a bath and grooming and Chaos.
Dislikes: Hemingway, being alone with no humans, loud noises, strangers, Chaos pulling my tail and diets, and people thinking I'm a girl cause I'm white and fluffy................did I mention Hemingway?

AKA: Nali, Nal-nal, Marshmellow Boy, Nal, Nal-a-roo