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dog Names: dublin

Dublin is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Lhasa Apso

Hi, I'm Dublin, but my friends call me Dubby! I'm very loveable, and very calm -- they say I'm alot like "Garfield the Cat." I'm not into tricks too much, I give it the old paw once in a while and that will get me a treat. My sister, Molly, is the energetic one. She like to "Irish Dance," roll over, shake her paw, and "get down." When she performs, I get a treat too -- so why bother! Molly can entertain for the two of us!

Molly and I have a new cousin, obviously he is adopted -- he's an English Bulldog! Soldier is his name. He comes to stay with us and has play days. He's pretty interesting -- check out his profile. I've posted his picture next to mine -- but if you visit his site -- don't mention about being adopted -- he thinks he's one of us!