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dog Names: elsa+morgen

Elsa+morgen is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Elsa+morgen? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Elsa Morgen

My name is Elsa and I am part terrier and maybe part shi-poo, but people see lots of possibilties as to my heritage/background. I have the best family ever! My mommy feels bad leaving me home alone all day long with no one to play with, so she takes me to the school at the Doggie Depot for daycare. It's so much fun! I have so many friends there and I flirt with all the boys. On the days I don't get to see my friends at school my grandma comes over to take me out and play with me for a bit till she leaves and my mommy comes home. I give mommy lots of kisses when she gets home and I jump all over her till she bends down so I can jump into her arms and give her more kisses.

I like to keep busy by going for long walks, going to school, sitting at the window and protecting mommy from those nasty squirrels and rabbits that come by, taking naps, playing toss and catch by myself, and making new friends. I went on quite a few road trips last year to the lake and even got to go on a boat with grandma and grandpa; mommy doesn't like it too much.