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dog Names: ernie

Ernie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Bernese Mountain Dog

Ummm well I was born in Kansas....I guess on a mill??? Anyways, I was sitting in a tiny cage in Montana in a pet store....too tiny to even stand up, and I remember seeing my mama and papa walk by the window (they were buying mice for my mamas snake) and my papa told the man to take me out and that he needed to take me ASAP. My mama was sooo surprised and then when i got home later she ran me straight to the clinic because I was having seizures from the pet store giving me way to much metronidazole. Anyways, i am good now and I love my brothers and going to daycare with my bestie Waffles and carrying around my stuffed animals fav is named Martha..

Labrador Retriever

I enjoy chasing balls, hiding my bone in various obscure places around the house, sleeping, shedding, cuddling, and begging for food. I also enjoy clearing my yard of various terrorists such as birds, squirrels, and sometimes rabbits.