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dog Names: felix

Felix is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Felix? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I love to play, run, play, bite, play, sleep, play, and just play.

Labrador Retriever

Felix is our 2 year old lab/shepherd mix. We got him this summer on June 28, 2011. We dont know his birthday. A friend of ours who is a police officer had found him as a stray. Someone had dumped him on the highway. He was in such bad shape, but hes all better now and much happy!


Felix is the happiest little dog. Being the runt of his litter and the last of his brothers and sisters to have found his forever home with us, he thought he needed to have a very outgoing personality. Although it was not needed, he has been a absolute blessing in our lives. He lives for the never ending game of fetch and when he is tuckered out and is panting, he has the biggest smile. He loves to be cozy and warm in his winter coats but cannot wait for the warmer months to run around with his shiny tan fur blowing in the wind.

He adores children and happily bounces around their legs looking for a snuggle and to give a kiss. Felix absolutely never forgets the names for his toys. He is an incredibly intelligent pup, constantly astounding us with his understanding of commands and names. He answers to both word commands and hand signals. He only barks when he is unsure of who is coming in the door, and even then, it is a low quiet warning bark. His bark if full force and happy when he is playing with his 3 Cat brothers or his toys. He does not "yap" when anyone passes the window or at other dogs in the neighbourhood. He does seem a little bit apprehensive around very large dogs at first. Only because with 4 inch legs, to them he appears to be an appetizer.

Having the mix between Pug and Shih Tzu, Felix is the most expressive dog. His eyes are a definitely the window to his little heart. He knows all the right moves to be extra cute and gain an extra kiss or snuggle from us. His 'Ewok' impression is astounding and can fool even the most die hard of Star Wars fans.

Frankly, for me, Felix is the most wonderful Pup. He lights up my life and I would be completely lost with him. I'm thankful to the Puppy gods for their blessing.