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dog Names: fenny

Fenny is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Shih Tzu

Hi..........My name is Fenny and I am a shih tzu. I was born at a breeder and Mommy and Daddy adopted me. My name is a dutch name cause my Mommy was born in Holland. I have had a litter of three pups and a litter of 6 pups but now I am spayed cause the 2nd time I had pups I was very sick. I live with Mommy and Daddy and 4 other doggies and 2 of them I birthed.I don't give kisses cause I am not that kind of girl. I love to be hugged and sleep on soft cushy beds or in my crate. I love treats and I woof when I want them and then we all get treats.........hehe!! I usually stick to myself but sometimes I play with the others. When the others are playing and get to rough I nip their heals. I am the queen of the house and liked to be treated as such:)))