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dog Names: flaca

Flaca is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Flaca? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Flaca is a rescue from Costa Rica who also has lived in Buenos Aires. She is now in SoCal and I must say her Spanish is MUCH better than mine.

But her story is so much more than that. Flaca is a mixed mutt (definitely with some German Shepard) and when she was rescued she was believed to be close to 2 years old. She had been a stray in the town of Atenas, Costa Rica where I was living. When she was found, no longer able to walk and barely able to stand up, she was severely dehydrated, with a bad case of mange and apparently horribly mistreated. She was skin and bones. As a full grown dog, at the time she weighed literally half her currently healthy weight. And I mean just skin and bones!! She lost most of her fur due to the mange and her body was riddled with parasites. She was found wondering the neighborhood and was named "Flaca" which means skinny. Aptly named!

I won't depress you with photos but just know she and we won the jackpot. She just turned 11 (we think) and I could not imagine the last 9 years without her. She has more frequent flier miles than some folks I know and has now lived in three different countries. She has taken quite a liking to Southern California!!