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dog Names: foster

Foster is the number 100+ most popular dog name on Is your dog named Foster? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Bluetick Coonhound

Almos 3 years old! hes the goofiest little baby in the world, and he is a ball of energy!

Australian Shepherd

Ok so heres my story.. On Mothers day in 2007 my mom was going to cook for grandma so mom and dad went to the grocery store for dinner. On the way home Dad ( Who had already been in to see me - mom didn't know) deceided to stop in with mom for a visit. Mom wasn't sure if she was ready for me since they just bought there first home and we starting construction ( all dirty do it yourself work-yuck) While there were there mom saw my sister Bailey and she feel in love. Only to find out Bailey was already going home with someone else. They packed up Bailey and put her in the back for her new family. Thats when mom and dad went home with out me to start dinner.

They got home and told grandma all about us, grandma wanted to see us so they hopped in the truck and came back for another visit that same day. (I was so happy to see them come back)

As it turns out while they were visiting the owner got a call from Baileys soon to be family and they decieded against bringing her home. The lady disappeared for a minute and than walked out of the back through the crowd straight to mom, put Bailey in her arms and said here ya go mommy. The rest is history. We all went home a happy family, Me, Bailey, Mom, and Dad. ( And Grandma and Auntie Meg who were along for the ride)

When mom tells us that story she says it was her best Mothers day!! :)