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dog Names: frankie

Frankie is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Parson Jack Russel Terrier?

I'm a happy, smart little girly dog. I adores kitties, having grown up with several. I'm a little flirt and the best beggar ever cause I know if I sit up and show my lil' fuzzy belly, mom and dad will give me treats.

Years ago I was purchased by my Nana from a fine breeder of Papillons. Unfortunately, I was a clever, but unhappy girl. I didn't WANT to be separated from my human at night and howled ALL NIGHT LONG. I got out of my room/pen and had the scoots all over the white carpet. My (then) Uncle put a shield over the baby gate the next night and I promptly figured out how to nose under it and climb right over like the night before. After about a week of no sleep my Nana called my (then) Auntie and begged her to take me.

Mommy and daddy hadn't ever had any dogs, but they did have over a dozen kitties. They weren't sure they wanted me, but took me in anyway. I started howling at their place too, but daddy got the bright idea of putting my crate up on the nightstand so I could sleep next to them. That was much better and because I was so tiny, when I had to go piddle, I learned to run my nails down the grate to wake up daddy. I'm clever like I mentioned before.

Anyhow, years later, I now sleep on my own pillow by momma's head and often gift her with my white fur. I grew up with all my kitty friends, especially Pootie and Domino who taught me all manner of important things. I learned to drag a stick so they could pounce after me on it. I LOVE it chasing the kitties and then having them chase me. My two best friends have both gone to the rainbow bridge and I miss them. I now have a guarded friendship with Quizzie. We play sometimes but he's strange and has allergies. We've got a new kitten too. Her name is Chloe and I'm teaching HER how to play with a puppy.

Oh and I see my Nana too. We're over at her house several times a week. She's got my Pooter friend's sister Lilybelle, but I bit her when I was tiny and she's never forgiven me.

Siberian Husky