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dog Names: general

General is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Basset Hound

General was being offered on Craigs List for free. My son went and got him. I never wanted a Basset Hound. I love Malamutes, Husky's, Shilo Shephards, and Australian Shepards, but this little guy is so cute, so well mannered and so funny, that we just love him. The man kept him in an apartment all day while he was at work. He never played with other dogs, and didnt know what a toy was for, but now he is best friends with my Border Collie/Golden Retriever Mix who has shown him what a toy is for. When he wants to play, he will bark that strange Basset bark and then start running at about 90 miles an hour. He is a funny little guy, and the life of the party when I have friends over.