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dog Names: gracie+gorilla

Gracie+gorilla is the number 100+ most popular dog name on

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Gracie Gorilla
Chow Chow

Gracie Fuzzy Butt Gorilla Dog is my soul dog. She came to me just before my youngest child left the nest. She was born to a very young outside dog that was alowed to get breed the first time she came into heat. They unchained her mother and put up a fence for when she had the puppies. Gracie was one of 3 born and the only female in the litter. I was lucky enough to become her owner. I would go and handle her from the time she was 2 days old and I brought her home at the age of 5 weeks because of the conditions she was living in. She was head strong and extremely strong in body as she grew. Walks were torture for me. She could pull me off my feet and than drag me once she got me down. My family begged me to get rid of her before she seriously hurt me. I refused....I had fallen in love with this fur ball and wasn't going to give up on her. We went to many obedience classes, than began agility. Giving her an outlet for her energy finally worked. She calmed and and a wonderful loving spirit came forth. Her trainer suggested her for therapy training. At the age of 3 she became a TDI registered Therapy Dog. Now at the age of 11 she is starting to slow down some. She still takes her work to heart although I've had to cut back on some of her visits. I can't truely put into words what this dog has done for me and for the many people she has given her love and magic to. From autistic children to cancer patients to older ones with alzhiemers and working in psychiatric wards, Gracie's heart/soul burns bright and heals in a special way. She is my once in a lifetime dog.